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Collective IQ® Business Edition

The Future Of Digital Employee Experience

Almaden, Inc., a leading provider of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solutions, today announced the availability of its Collective IQ® (CIQ®) Business Edition. With growing demand from customers and partners, Almaden has added substantial features to the Business Edition such as Alma® the interactive intelligent concierge, NLP-based knowledge management, open connectivity to IT Service Management products, and enhanced analytical capabilities to improve the digital experience of enterprise employees.

Collective IQ® Business Edition

Collective IQ ® Business EditionWith the release of CIQ® Business Edition, Almaden also highlights a new partnership program for its growing channel and alliances.

The new CIQ® Alliance Program aids partners in providing exemplary services to their customers through knowledge sharing, DEX improvement strategies, and third-party technology integrations.

Whether you are working in the office or remotely, CIQ® ensures every employee has the best digital experience to be the most effective in completing their tasks. This, in turn, leads to improved corporate efficiency and user satisfaction. And when problems do arise, CIQ® is a cost-effective tool to rapidly assist IT in uncovering hidden issues while recommending resolutions.

“It is my pleasure to announce CIQ® Business Edition and the CIQ® Alliance Program that will greatly benefit our customers and partners. Together, they make a dynamite package to greatly boost productivity, satisfaction, and IT cost-effectiveness.”
Yip Ly, CEO of Almaden Inc.

“Understanding employees’ experience in using technologies at each stage of their journey and connecting with their needs is in Quality’s DNA.  Therefore, we are always attentive to solutions that increase the perception of the digital experience for our customers, delivering operations with agile and secure services.  Almaden’s Collective IQ® Business Edition provides, in its value proposition, an innovative concept of continuous learning that measures, analyzes and improves the digital experience of employees, increasing engagement and productivity, especially for users working in hybrid and remote models.”
Jorge Biesczad Jr., Sales and Marketing Director, Quality SA

‘”With the evolution of work relationships where the employee’s journey is increasingly decentralized, a company’s’ keen eye for their digital experience is crucial to attract and retain talent.

Participating in the CIQ® Alliance Program allows Selbetti to offer the best DEX solution to our customers. CIQ® Business Edition is an innovative product that helps us to understand the employee´s experience in the work environment. With this knowledge, we can reduce the time to identify, diagnose and solve performance problems, improve resource use, and ensure employee satisfaction.” 
Rafael Leopoldo, Director of Growth and Technology, Selbetti

About Almaden Inc.

Almaden, Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA. We help IT teams deliver an optimal digital employee experience, in office and remote, by continuously analyzing quantitative systems data and user sentiments, resolving issues through continuous learning and automation. Our Collective IQ® solution takes advantage of deep knowledge and machine learning from integration with third-party applications for productivity, collaboration, IT Service and Asset Management, and more to increase satisfaction, productivity, and morale.

To understand all that Almaden can offer to leverage your organization’s Digital Employee Experience, contact our team

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