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Issues to Focus On Today

Issues To Focus on Today, or ITFOT, allows you to quickly focus on current issues users are experiencing before they become problems.

IT Users, in Collective IQ®, are presented with a focused list of current issues within the environment. This represents issues that if left unattended will start to impact your users and become serious problems.

CIQ® uses Generative AI to uncover issues that are unique to your business right now. The issues are categorized by the different criteria we use within our DEX Score. These being:

  • Device Issues
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Business Applications
  • Green IT
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Included in Collective IQ® Business Edition

Issues To Focus On Today is an integral feature of CIQ® Business Edition so is available – at no additional cost – to all Business Edition users.

What does Issues to Focus on Today provide?

Issues to focus on today

Issues To Focus On Today gives IT a quick and simple way to proactively see important issues affecting users, before they blow up and become trouble tickets.

A discrete notification on the right side of the screen highlights the number of outstanding issues detected. Clicking on the notification provides details broken down into the different criteria collected and analyzed by CIQ, our DEX solution. This simplified view of the issues that need to be addressed keeps staff from being overwhelmed with thousands of meaningless performance metrics and threshold breaches. Instead, they can easily see which issues may be causing users to have a poor digital experience, enabling IT to quickly drill into the devices themselves and recommendations to resolve the issues.

Unlike traditional ITSM and ticketing systems Collective IQ® is a proactive solution for the IT Department. No need to wait for End Users to report issues to the Helpdesk. CIQ® uses deep analysis and Generative AI to actively hunt for symptoms and group them logically so IT can be more effective across a larger population of users.

The issues impacting multiple devices are grouped together. In the example below there are 2 issues that are impacting the Collaboration product, Microsoft Teams. Further details are provided when you click on the link.

In this case, we see that we have 7 devices suffering from Poor Audio Quality and 3 devices with Video Quality issues. CIQ further segments the issues from simply Collaboration Tool issues into the devices that are suffering from Audio issues and those with Video Quality issues. 

Clicking on ‘Show Recommendations’ next to the issue you are interested in will initiate a more detailed problem analysis, using Generative AI.  This returns with possible resolutions to the specific issues on the devices shown. Furthermore, actually resolving the issue for one of the devices is likely to be applicable to others in the group. 

Teams IssuesSegmenting the issues into different categories enables Subject Matter Experts (SME) to quickly see the issues they should address. Microsoft Teams specialists can readily see that they have 2 issues to investigate along with the devices that are affected.

This enables the specialists to proactively address problems before users raise trouble tickets, thereby saving money, time, and frustration while maximizing the use of critical IT resources.


Collective IQ®, Business Edition, uses Generative AI to deliver Issues to Focus on Today.

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