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Accelerate value creation by implementing new technologies

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Accelerate value creation by implementing new technologies

The adoption of new technologies is vital to the success and growth of any company, especially in times of pandemic and remote and/or mobile work. Through new tools, companies gain the possibility to increase the agility, efficiency and productivity of their employees, in addition to helping to boost the company’s ROI by reducing operating costs, improving the customer experience and increasing revenue opportunities.

Although this type of measure may seem easy and with simple processes, there are several challenges that must be overcome to successfully drive the adoption of new technologies.

Implementing new technologies can improve efficiency?

No organization likes to spend money for nothing. Therefore, adopting new technologies and training employees on how to use them correctly is one of the main challenges most companies face.

The scenario is even more complex for startups and smaller companies. Limited investment resources and reliance on a large number of new tools to stay competitive in a dynamic market mean that most small organizations choose to make simple improvements to their current environments, often relying on legacy, inefficient and failing systems that pose security risks.

Another factor to consider is that when new processes are integrated into your daily business practices, it can disrupt your current workflow, creating the need to constantly keep an eye on your progress in order to effectively assess the impact of the new technology adopted.

Investing in Digital Employee Experience is the solution

Because of all these factors, it is essential to develop a long-term strategy. Installing new software on your employees’ computers and expecting them to automatically know what to do is never a good idea, but it happens all too often.

If your organization suffers from these problems or wants to structure itself in a solid way for this type of scenario, Collective IQ ®, a powerful Digital Employee Experience (DEX) tool, can help you make wise decisions, support service improvement programs, in addition to identify the best patterns and profiles for digital work and map training opportunities. Collective IQ® is a single, integrated solution that solves a dozen problems at once.

Get in touch with Almaden’s team of experts and understand how to accurately assess the digital impact on working models in terms of business results.

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