Do you want to work for a company that is focused on innovation?  Creativity and innovation to develop solutions is our core business. Bring your knowledge and skills and be part of our team! 

At Almaden, you can work from anywhere. Work remotely or in the office.

We encourage the professional development and growth of all our employees.
We recognise the efforts and performance of our employees
Our work environment is geared towards communication and learning, a light and collaborative place.
We believe that freedom in the creative environment increases stimulation and delivers more efficient solutions.
Responsibility and commitment are key factors for greater success with customers.

Work in a company recognized by our employees, in a stimulating environment, with an excellent culture, which seeks employee well-being!

Almaden by the numbers

Almaden is a global company headquartered in Menlo Park – US, with offices in Brazil and UK. At Almaden you can work from anywhere.
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