Almaden Videos

Below are the Almaden videos for our product ranges. These will highlight the capabilities and features of the different products.
Almaden Videos for SmartCenter and Collective IQ

IT Asset Management in Collective IQ®

Almaden’s IT asset management (ITAM) technology positions IT as an important business agent within companies. Collective IQ® delivers visibility and management of IT assets, investment optimization, operational efficiency, and compliance. Collective IQ® is cloud-based and does not require infrastructure investment. Collective IQ® is simple to install and operate, providing immediate business benefits.

Almaden Collective IQ® – Introductory Video

Almaden Collective IQ is a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the journey of local and remote users interacting with their devices and applications, generating visibility and insights for troubleshooting through continuous learning.

Alma Analysis for Collective IQ

Collective IQ® Business Edition incorporates Alma Analysis, enabling IT organizations to select specific devices, detect patterns, and receive intelligent suggestions for incident resolution. By leveraging Generative AI algorithms, Collective IQ® delivers actionable insights to enhance system performance and ensure a seamless digital employee experience.

Almaden Company Overview

Watch the Almaden Company overview video. With increasing digital transformation and remote work, poor IT user experience has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and morale. Almaden helps IT teams deliver an optimal digital employee experience, in the office and remote, by analyzing quantitative systems data and user sentiments and resolving issues through continuous learning and automation.

Almaden Collective IQ® DEX Solution and CIQ® SmartCenter remove obstacles that impact employee results and creativity. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California,

Almaden has more than 450 customers and 3 offices worldwide.

Collective IQ® DEX Product Demo

An introduction to Collective IQ®, the DEX solution for Almaden.

A 1.5 minute introduction to Collective IQ®, with English titles

Find out how Collective IQ® can improve your Digital Employee Experience Score.

Smartcenter Integrations

This is a 1:30 minute video, in Portuguese, of Almaden SmartCenter® focused on:

  • Integration using API’s
  • Azure integration
  • Power BI
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