CIQ - Collective IQ®

Collective IQ is a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the journey of local and remote users interacting with their devices and applications, generating visibility and insights for troubleshooting through continuous learning.

Improve your helpdesk experience

The volume and complexity of incidents make the resolution time and cost of tickets higher.

Collective IQ® analyzes and prioritizes the most common resolutions and in just one click, improves Helpdesk efficiency and end-user experience.

Experience based solution

Collective IQ® captures and analyzes all end-user interactions with their devices and technologies providing visibility and predictive improvement actions. You can’t fix and improve what you don’t know.
Collective IQ - Digital Experience Management Solution

Establish proactive IT operations

Built-in artificial intelligence provides insight to help desk teams without having to rely on manually opening tickets.

Eliminate your user experience blind spots

Through machine learning and smart dashboards, you can accelerate root cause analysis. Automating and prioritizing your Helpdesk service.

How do you measure the level and quality of your employees' experience with technologies and work devices?

With digital transformation and remote work, poor IT user experience has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and morale.

Collective IQ® uses Patent Pending technology to measure and quantify your digital experience.

How digital barriers impact experiences

The satisfaction survey of resolved tickets may have excellent grades, however 70% of bad experience issues with technologies and devices are not reported to service desks.*


80 hours wasted each year, per employee due to IT related issues.*

*Robert Half Report

Equivalent to over $1.2M*

*Estimated $15/hour for a company with 1000 employees.

Authoritative measure of digital experience

Establish an authoritative measurement of digital experience 

usage Trends

Identify organizational technology adoption or usage trends 

Combat digital friction

Combat digital friction caused by unreported performance issues

Device performance trends
Proactively identify device performance trends

Improve Service Desk Experience

Improve IT Service desk experience by surfacing essential data to accelerate problem resolution

Remove digital barriers

Assess and remove digital barriers to business outcomes in remote, local and hybrid work models

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Helpdesk Efficiency

Collective IQ,DEX,Digital Experience Management,DEM,digital employee experience
Collective IQ,DEX,Digital Experience Management,DEM,digital employee experience

Energise User Engagement

Leverage IT Asset Management to Drive Satisfaction

Collective IQ,DEX,Digital Experience Management,DEM,digital employee experience

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Do you need CIQ Essentials or CIQ Business Edition?

More than 50% of C-Levels will use DEX to prioritize and measure the success of digital initiatives in their companies by 2025. A significant increase from less than 5% pre-pandemic.

*Gartner – Innovation for the Digital Employee Experience – Dec2021

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