Collective IQ® Editions

Review the different Editions of Collective IQ® and find out which Collective IQ Edition is the best option for your business.

Understand which features are included in the Essential Edition and the benefits of upgrading to the Business Edition.

Which is the right Collective IQ Edition for you?

The summary below highlights the main features of both the Essential Edition and Business Edition of Collective IQ®.

Business Edition has all of the features of Collective IQ Essential Edition, plus a number of enhancements that make it even more compelling to businesses. 

There is also an Add-On pack for Business Edition, which comprises:

  • AlmaConcierge™ – Interact with End Users through your corporate collaboration tool.
  • AlmaKnowledge™ – Uses Generative AI to answer questions based on your company knowledge.
  • Alma™ Interaction with MS Teams – Let your users work with Alma directly from MS Teams

This Add-on pack is only available for the Business Edition. This allows you to customize the data available to both the IT department and end users 

Collective IQ, Business Edition, uses Generative AI to deliver AlmaAnalysis™. 

Essential Edition
Business Edition
Collective IQ Editions
Business Features
Digital Employee Experience Scores
User Surveys
MS Teams Monitoring
Score based on Machine Learning
AlmaAI™ Generative AI Solutions
Issues To Focus On Today (ITFOT)
Add On
Add On
Alma Interaction via MS Teams
Add On
Application Features
Multi Language Support
Windows Support
mac Support
Linux Support
Multi-Factor Authentication
Comprehensive ITAM Solution
Collective IQ® API
Data Retention
13 Months
13 Months
Data Visibility
2 Months
13 Months

More than 50% of C-Levels will use DEX to prioritize and measure the success of digital initiatives in their companies by 2025. A significant increase from less than 5% pre-pandemic.

*Gartner – Innovation for the Digital Employee Experience – Dec 2021

Collective IQ Editions

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