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3 tips to maximize your employees' digital experience and increase productivity

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3 tips to maximize your employees’ digital experience and increase productivity

The digital environment of today’s organizations forces us to deal with a considerable range of varied tools that need to be used on a daily basis. What’s worse, these applications work and store your data on different platforms. Each of these assets presents its specific problems and solutions, and the key to boosting the productivity of any organization lies precisely in the middle of the usage data extracted from this complex ecosystem. 

How are those tools being used? How often? What applications and solutions are not being used? Is there any tool that can be improved? 

These are essential questions to start treading the path towards proactive IT management, leaving aside the mere reaction when some catastrophe befalls the organization to understand in advance where possible weak points are, which processes must be improved and which tools are really useful for employees. 

By reaching this level of clarity and strategic planning, it becomes increasingly easier to implement accurate solutions to boost the efficiency of the work routine, in addition to ensuring that employees have the stability and peace of mind needed to no longer suffer from technical problems and occupy their time effectively solving problems that make a difference for your business. 

With that in mind, Almaden compiled 3 essential tips to maximize the digital experience of employees and increase the productivity of your entire operation: 

1 – Complete visibility 

To correctly manage your digital assets and know what’s left over or what’s missing from your portfolio of tools and assets, you need to have complete visibility of the products that are working on the network, but not only that. It is extremely important to extract the most detailed information about the use of these tools, such as the number of versions and accesses, to ensure that these applications are always up-to-date and secure, minimizing possible security risks, strategic losses and unnecessary expenses. 

2 – Artificial Intelligence is a powerful ally 

Once the assets are properly identified, it is necessary to list which recurring processes can be automated, freeing up the time of IT specialists to carry out more complex and productive tasks, such as analyzing the fundamental root of common problems. Bureaucratic access issues, filling out documents and other tasks that are usually assigned to HR teams can also be easily resolved with this type of initiative. 

3 – CIQ® is the best solution for employees’ digital experience

With CIQ® you can compile all these essential functionalities that we discussed for proactive IT management in a single unified platform. The tool, moreover, can be integrated with any system, in order to optimize experiences of different solutions and simplify the complex management of users and applications, with a powerful and intuitive interface, including a digital concierge, Alma ®, to make navigation even more accessible. 

If you pay attention to these three tips, your organization will certainly experience significant productivity gains in the digital ecosystem. 

To learn more about CIQ®, contact us. 

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