Collective Intelligence

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The world of work is shifting to a hybrid model. Are your employees still as productive as before?

Almaden delivers the end user experience that matters.

Working from home
Almaden - Enterprise Service Management
Enterprise Service management

Almaden uses the best ESM tools in the market, along with AI Chatbots, to help employees take best advantage of all the business services available to them.

Almaden - End User Experience Management
End User Experience Management

We collect objective and subjective data from end users throughout the entire enterprise to create the machine learning models that predict or fix the issues. The NLP engine offers resolutions directly to the users and informs the IT team of the root cause to prevent issues before they impact other users.

Almaden - Consulting And Professional Service
Consulting and Professional Service

We deliver solutions with all the process templates you need and the ready-to-deploy code that reduces your ESM implementation time by 40 to 50 percent.

Let the Numbers Speak

1.5 Million


30 Millions




The AI and ML behind Collective Intelligence

Almaden End User Experience Management works by collecting hundreds of data points from each device. Our ML engine interprets millions of configurations to predict issues and uses collective intelligence to highlight and resolve individual problem.