Software Asset Management in SmartCenter™

The continuous management of software assets ensures effective mapping and knowledge of the environment and a smooth audit defense based on correct management and information of the environment, eliminating costs or fines, or service interruptions that impact the business.

Operational Efficiency

Software asset management is critical for organizations, and CIQ SmartCenter™ can help you master the management of software assets with ongoing compliance. With complete visibility and an optimized software environment, you can focus on your core business and leave the software management to us.

Software asset Management,SAM
Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

Managing software assets is a critical task for any organization, as it can generate significant costs and risks if not properly managed. Inefficient management and the lack of maturity to deal with software management can lead to unnecessary expenses, wasted resources, and the risk of punishment or fines in audits. That’s why having an effective software asset management (SAM) solution in place is essential for businesses of all sizes.

SAM enables organizations to optimize and simplify the allocation and use of licenses, delivering savings and reducing risks. It provides complete visibility into the software used by the company through a single source of information. This visibility allows businesses to maintain compliance, security, and efficiently allocate and manage licenses across the enterprise.

At Almaden, we understand the importance of SAM and have designed our IT Asset Management solution (CIQ SmartCenter™) to provide businesses with complete visibility into their software environment.

Our solution enables you to get an updated view of each:

  • software
  • manufacturer
  • product
  • module
  • version

In addition to the software details above we also manage information about license agreements, notes, purchase tax, warranty period, and subscription renewal of licenses for the complete computing environment.

Additionally, the information generated by the monitoring and measurement of software usage of each user allows optimization of contracts and renewal of licenses, with the allocation and movement of resources internally.

With CIQ SmartCenter™, you can effectively map and manage your software environment, ensuring smooth audit defense based on correct management and information. This means eliminating costs, unbudgeted fines, or service interruptions that can impact your business.

More than just software asset management

All information regarding software approval and asset details is also pulled through into Collective IQ®, our Digital Experience Management Solution.

Collective IQ®, Essentials Edition, is included as part of  CIQ SmartCenter™ at no additional charge. This enables our users to go beyond IT Asset Management and start to experience the benefits of Digital Experience Management (DEX).  

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