CIQ® SmartCenter™

Almaden’s IT asset management (ITAM) technology positions IT as an important business agent within companies. SmartCenter™ delivers visibility and management of IT assets, investment optimization, operational efficiency, and compliance.

SmartCenter™ is cloud-based and does not require infrastructure investment. SmartCenter™ is simple to install and operate, providing immediate business benefits.

Improve your helpdesk experience

The volume and complexity of incidents make the resolution time and cost of tickets higher. Collective IQ® analyzes and prioritizes the most common resolutions with high automation capability and in just one click, improves Helpdesk efficiency and end-user experience.

Experience based solution

Collective IQ® captures and analyzes all end-user interactions with their devices and technologies providing visibility and predictive improvement actions. You can’t fix and improve what you don’t know.

ITAM,SmartCenter,it asset management


Having a point-in-time inventory will inevitably lead to failures and blind spots in the management of your IT environment.

Almaden’s inventory solution delivers live, real-time inventory, critical to maintaining compliance, information security and directly supporting strategic decision-making and technology investments.

Devices are added to or removed from networks on a daily basis. These need to be tracked, as they can compromise the security of the computing environment. Exposing your business information or generating unavailability of infrastructure and systems.

CIQ® SmartCenter™ Discovery works continuously to scan and discover the assets present in your network.  Delivering visibility, security, automation, and operational optimization for IT.

We have agents for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. We also discovery network devices, switches, routers, NAS etc, via SNMP.

Inefficient management and lack of maturity to deal with software management generate unnecessary costs and expenses wasting money and resources.

Additionally, the organization is put at risk of sanctions or fines from audits. SmartCenter™ provides up-to-date visibility into software versions, license agreements, purchase invoices, warranty periods, and license subscriptions across the organization.

The information generated by measuring software utilization enables contract optimization through the allocation and movement of resources internally.

Software Deployment

Software distribution is a complex, recurring job that has a large impact on IT operations.

Software deployment and updates across the entire environment, or for specific assets, can be automated and simple via the SmartCenter™ unified console.

ITAM,SmartCenter,it asset management

Remotely accessing computers, devices and IT assets is essential for companies to serve users and solve problems, incidents or requests in a practical, agile way, with minimal impact on operations.

Remote working has heightened the importance of remote access as most corporate computers are outside the office environment, some connected to the corporate network via VPN and others working over non-corporate networks.

Almaden’s remote access solution features deep layers of security and a range of operational benefits to serve world-class companies.

Businesses hold information about the existence of computers but are often unable to identify the location of these assets.

Remote working has increased productivity and agility for the business.

SmartCenter™ Geolocation allows you to map unauthorized movements, providing real-time and historic location information of your IT assets.

Software Approval

Perform a complete mapping of company software and categorize it as approved and non-approved for each organization or department.

SmartCenter® makes it easy to identify devices that have software or plugins which are not allowed by company policy or have high licensing costs, which may be malicious in nature, or are no longer supported.

Furthermore, SmartCenter™ can automatically uninstall such software or plugins, thereby maintaining company compliance and security.

Software Removal

Removal of software can be a complex task which requires great care on the part of Operations and Information Security teams.

Unused, unlicensed, or unapproved software must be removed to maintain company compliance, security, and eliminate the risk of penalties and fines resulting from an audit.

SmartCenter™ manages software installations and dependencies, and effectively cleans up artefacts which may be left behind during the deinstallation process.

ITAM,SmartCenter,it asset management
ITAM - IT Asset Management

Software Usage Measurement

Over-spending on software licenses is a waste of money.

SmartCenter™ helps manage spending by tracking software usage by user, device, and time.

The same capability can also ensure that users have access to the software when needed to maximize productivity.

Performance and Capacity

Agile businesses require cost-effective oversight, planning, and availability of IT resources to maximize user productivity and satisfaction.

SmartCenter™ analyzes and predicts the consumption of computing resources (e.g. processing and storage capacity) to identify bottlenecks, budget, and allocate resources where and when needed most.

Integration and Automation

It is essential that the management of IT assets be integrated with other IT Operations systems to provide effective oversight, control, and cost-effective application of critical business services.

SmartCenter™ plays well with service management (ITSM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), configuration management databases (CMDB), and more.

SmartCenter™ APIs add even greater value by automating software distribution and removal processes through integration with the service desk, trouble-ticketing, and change management solutions.

ITAM,SmartCenter,it asset management

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