Smart Remote Access

Smart Remote Access is an optional module for CIQ® SmartCenter™. 

Improve your helpdesk experience

The volume and complexity of incidents make the resolution time and cost of tickets higher. Smart Remote Access is integrated with SmartCenter™ and lets you access your IT Assets directly from your ITAM Solution.

Operational Efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency by being able to control your IT Assets, without having to constantly change applications.

Remote Access,Remote Connect
Remote Access,Remote Connect

Smart Remote Access

Remotely accessing computers, devices and IT assets is essential for companies to serve users and solve problems, incidents or requests in a practical, agile way, with minimal impact on operations.

Remote work has increased the importance of remote access, given that most corporate computers are outside the office environment, some connected to the corporate network via VPN and others working in non-corporate networks.

The security of remote access solutions has become the main requirement to serve the corporate environment. Almadens’ remote access solution has many technical advantages. 

The security layer is deep with double layer authentication, RSA 2048/4096-bit end-to-end encryption.

Other features of Smart Remote access include:
  • password encryption
  • access unattended systems
  • exportable logs
  • LAN and WAN remote access functionalities,
  • screen recording
  • whiteboard (blackboard to graphically direct remote assistance)
  • access to multiple monitors
  • ability to transfer assistance/access to another operator
  • wake on LAN
  • chat
  • restart and reconnect
  • file transfer
  • access to multiple devices at the same time

These features position Almaden Remote Support as a world-class solution for medium and large companies.
Remote Access,Remote Connect

Devices and Connections

With Secure Remote Access you can connect to:

  • Windows PCs
  • Windows Servers
  • Mac systems
  • Linux systems
  • Mobile devices
    • Android
    • Ios
  • Network devices via ssh



Our licensing policy is designed to help you manage as many systems as possible, regardless of the number of agents or systems.
  • Licensing is based on simultaneous connections
  • You are licensed for unlimited  analysts/operators
  • Unlimited agent installation

Simply install it everywhere and only pay for the number of concurrent sessions that you need.

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