Geolocation and Asset Tracking

Geolocation and Asset Tracking is an integral part of CIQ® SmartCenter™. 

Geolocation can be disabled if you do not wish to track device location information, for privacy or compliance purposes.

Improve your helpdesk experience

Geolocation is useful, not just for tracking systems if they are lost or stolen. If a helpdesk technician knows that you are working remotely that may assist with a problem diagnosis. 

Operational Efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency by knowing the location of devices. No more scrabbling about in spreadsheets to find out which office a device is in.



We often have information about the physical aspects of computers, things such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Installed Memory
  • Disk Size
  • etc

However, we are often unable to identify the location of these assets. Changes in work practices mean that people are no longer confined to the office. Mobility and remote work enable work to be carried out in different places, aiming at increasing productivity and agility for the business.

The Geolocation facility within SmartCenter™ allows you to map, and track in real-time and over time the location of your IT assets.

Knowing the location of your IT Assets, at all times, is an essential part of any Asset Management Strategy.


Geolocation lets us know where IT assets are physically located. GeoFencing allows you to be alerted if an asset moves outside of a pre-defined area. In addition to the tracking and location history capabilities, it is possible to configure an electronic fence, or geofence, for each asset or group of assets.

Using the geofence feature makes it possible to generate alerts to the administrators for the assets that leave this radius.

Map undue movements, and losses,  of your company’s computers, reducing financial losses, data theft, or leakage of sensitive information to your business. 

Lost or Stolen

If laptops are lost or stolen the geofence capability allows you to be alerted when devices reconnect to the internet. Provide your operations team with the information to ensure they know where devices are and reduce the chances of systems and data being compromised.


geolocation, geofence and asset tracking

Geofencing and geolocation technologies have gained significant popularity in recent years, offering numerous advantages for corporate IT systems, particularly in the management of laptops and desktops. These technologies use GPS, IP address tracing or RFID to create virtual boundaries around devices or locations, enabling a range of benefits.

For instance, geofencing can help corporate IT teams to improve security by creating virtual boundaries around a company’s premises. By implementing geofencing, IT managers can receive alerts when employees attempt to access the company’s network from outside the premises, providing an added layer of protection against cyber attacks. Geolocation can also be used to track and locate lost or stolen devices, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Furthermore, these technologies can enable more efficient management of hardware resources. For example, geolocation can help IT teams to optimize the deployment of laptops and desktops by tracking their physical location, ensuring that devices are being used efficiently and not left unused or misplaced. This can save companies money by reducing unnecessary hardware purchases.

Geofencing and geolocation can also be used to streamline the deployment of software updates and patches. By creating virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as office buildings or conference rooms, IT teams can ensure that laptops and desktops within the boundary receive the latest software updates and patches automatically, without manual intervention.

Moreover, these technologies can improve productivity by enabling remote management of laptops and desktops. Geolocation can help IT managers to monitor and manage the usage of laptops and desktops across remote locations, ensuring that employees have the necessary tools and resources to work effectively, regardless of their physical location.

In summary, geofencing and geolocation offer a range of benefits for corporate IT teams managing laptops and desktops. From improved security to optimized hardware usage and efficient software deployment, these technologies can help IT managers to streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance productivity. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative applications in the future.

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