ITAM Performance and Capacity

Improve your helpdesk experience

The volume and complexity of incidents make the resolution time and cost of tickets higher. Smart Remote Access is integrated with SmartCenter™ and lets you access your IT Assets directly from your ITAM Solution.

Operational Efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency through control of your IT Assets. Carry out Technology Refresh on the right systems at the right time.

ITAM Performance and Capacity,Performance Monitor,Capacity Planning
ITAM Performance and Capacity

Right sizing

A major challenge for IT is providing the correct resources to the usage profiles of each user or area of ​​the companies.

Well specified systems, without over-capacity or under-capacity, delivers agility to the business. Improving overall systems and application availability, and improving user satisfaction. Ensuring systems are correctly sized for the role, or task at hand helps the company by delivering the best performance at the lowest cost.

Performance and Capacity

SmartCenter™ Performance and Capacity solution predictively identifies and analyzes the usage of computational resources across the entire environment. Monitoring CPU, memory utilization, and storage capacity. SmartCenter™ continuously identifies bottlenecks, or underperforming systems. This pro-active view of systems and work patterns enables the right systems to be scheduled for upgrade or Technology Refresh. 

SmartCenter™ allows companies to work strategically with business areas to refresh the systems and infrastructure with the gradual replacement of components and equipment. By taking into account the state of the IT infrastructure, the investment capacity and the appropriate prioritization for necessary replacement.

ITAM Performance and Capacity


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