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Business processes have been significantly impacted by information technology. To have a competitive edge, companies need to use mobile devices, cloud computing, and other technological developments. Homeworking means the traditional perimeter of IT risks has been expanded, which raises concerns about information security and privacy. Stay alert, take new measures to protect yourself, invest in new controls, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Here we outline the benefits of the SmartCenter™ ITAM solution within the audit and compliance processes of your organization.

Digital Asset Management supports the audit and compliance process

An IT audit is justified by several factors, among which is the increasing use of IT in corporations. This makes it essential to have IT resources to carry out business. In addition, information is a strategic resource that requires special care in the acquisition, handling, and storage procedures. Another point that requires attention is the increase in interconnectivity, which leads to greater vulnerability to external threats.

From an organizational point of view, there are an increasing number of computerized systems. This complexity and interconnectivity require an increasing level of effort in their development and operation. This is also reflected in the way companies conduct their business, causing organizational and strategic changes. In this context, the incorporation of control mechanisms becomes necessary in the form of compliance or operational audits to ensure the proper functioning of organizations.

What are the benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution for IT audit and compliance?

Digital Asset Management - SmartCenter With a digital asset management solution, you keep IT infrastructure controls, hardware, and software in compliance and all indicators documented, always ready for internal or external audits. This reduces risk and eliminates the potential of fines for non-compliance.

Effectively managing your technology infrastructure will improve your responses during an audit and ensure ongoing compliance. Most enterprise-scale organizations will have an annual software audit, if not for external compliance purposes then for internal cost control. This percentage tends to increase with hardware and software manufacturers having greater visibility of customers.

Internal audits require efficient controls and periodic responses to the technology environment and management processes.

Information about IT assets managed actively, continuously, and through a centralized portal is essential. Enabling accurate information, consuming as little resources and time as possible.

Learn about other benefits of the SmartCenter™ ITAM solution:

Gap Identification

Identification of gaps, and non-compliance points, in hardware and software (contracting, consumption, availability) before internal or external audits.

Deviation Correction

Provide continuous management of software licensing and detailed control of warranty dates for desktops, notebooks, and data center assets. Enable the reallocation of resources avoiding waste, unbudgeted costs, or misapplied investments.

Audit Defense

Digital Asset Management using an ITAM solution enables an audit defense in an agile manner. Ensuring accurate real-time information which is always up to date.

Risk Elimination

Eliminate security risks, unavailability, restrictions, punishments or fines applied for non-compliance with suppliers, regulatory bodies, or audits of the company’s internal areas.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Audit your computer systems for power consumption. Find out which systems are consuming the most power and schedule them for a technology refresh. Investigate migrating from legacy power-hungry internal systems to greener SaaS applications.

Company Image

Maintenance of the company’s reputation and image in the market through compliance with controls, policies, and standards. With SmartCenter™ ITAM, you can always be compliant and ready for the defense of an audit.

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