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Minimizing risk through IT asset management

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Minimizing risk through IT asset management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a systematic process of development, operation, maintenance, updating and disposal of virtual or non-virtual assets, carefully evaluating all risks and considering the costs involved.

When deploying an ITAM solution, a key objective is to quantify the total value of unused hardware and software assets and identify stolen hardware and software applications. By having a detailed view of your IT environment, your organization will have a valuable ally to maintain compliance, prepare for audits and reduce legal and security risks.

The key to all of this is having the ability to discover and track all the assets in your organization, gathering as much information as possible in the process. It is also necessary to structure an asset life cycle, aiming to cover the needs of all these stages.

Why should your company use an ITAM solution?

As your organization grows, the number of IT assets needed to support your business operations increases. With proper tracking, assets are maintained with minimal effort, no matter what the numbers are. This allows the technical support team to focus on solving complex issues and anticipating risks, rather than tracking assets.

It is also very important to know what type of licenses you have, when they will expire and if they are linked to any contract. The ideal is always to be compliant, otherwise scenarios may occur where there is a risk of a heavy penalty and high investment expenditures for compliance. It is highly advisable to have real-time dashboards to track compliance metrics.

Actual audits can take place at any time and therefore you need to ensure that you are always ready. Keeping records related to purchases, entitlements and inventory ready and accessible, in addition to running usage and compliance reports multiple times are some of the actions that can reduce the risks involved.

Get to know Almaden IT Asset Management Solution

CIQ ® SmartCenter offers exclusive advantages and ready-to-use features to ensure safe and efficient control of your assets, enabling real-time management of all the details involved in all stages of the life cycle, while still counting on the help of Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable insights and promote automation, in addition to supporting integrations with other complementary platforms.

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