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Latest Collective IQ® Release brings Alma Analysis

Almaden Inc’s flagship product, Collective IQ® for Digital Experience Management,  recently underwent a transformative update. Providing extensive data collection and analysis, aided by the incorporation of generative AI, Collective IQ® introduces a new level of simplicity to the task of ensuring company employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Greatly enhanced detailed data drill-downs take the guesswork out of decision-making and speed troubleshooting. Comprehensive data, used for scoring experiences with devices, applications, and collaboration software, aid in the determination of issues across groups of users or departments, while helping to speed analyses.

This data can be viewed as of the moment or over-time to spot trends and predict future occurrences. Furthermore concise user sentiment surveys convey objective insights which are often overlooked by IT professionals who tend to focus on quantitative systems data. This two-pronged approach ensures that no opportunity for improvement is missed.

Introducing Alma Analysis

Atop it all is the unique ability to leverage generative AI technology to spot patterns that may be missed or misinterpreted by humans. This saves time and effort for precious IT resources, while focusing critically on the need to ensure employees can be digitally productive. Beside pattern recognition, recommendations can be made based on analyses and a body of remediations, with previous responses ranked and improved over time.

This capability, called “Alma Analysis,” removes the need for IT staff to pour through mountains of data covering myriad device and software metrics. The use of point-and-click capabilities greatly simplifies the task of selecting devices to review. Alma Analysis then analyzes the group of devices, determines relevant patterns, and groups the problems by type indicating impacted devices. With the click of a button, the system follows through with relevant recommendations to resolve identified issues.

Add simplicity

A hallmark of Collective IQ® is its simplicity. Such facilities as Alma Analysis and extensive attention to UI design illustrate Almaden’s principles. The objective is to present a straightforward experience and not overwhelm users with data, thereby facilitating a low cost of ownership with fast time to value. In plain language, no degree in rocket science is needed to understand the product and quickly obtain results.

Now you can also see the Collective IQ DEX Scores within the SmartCenter dashboard. Bringing together your ITAM Solution and your DEX information.

Add the use of generative AI to aid IT service management personnel in comprehending and remediating issues, and you have an extremely powerful combination.


So, don’t let digital hiccups hinder your team’s productivity. Check out how Almaden’s Collective IQ® (CIQ™) can help ensure a smoother, more efficient digital journey for your employees.

Find out how Collective IQ®  and Alma Analysis can help your business

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