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New Product Documentation Site

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Product Documentation and Knowledgebase

Almaden has launched a dedicated product documentation and knowledgebase site at This new site will enable our customers and partners to quickly and easily search for topics, and review documents and articles.

Documentation is segmented by product and you can quickly jump to a Product, or Topic within a product, by clicking on the heading.

At the moment we have product documentation for SmartCenter™ and Collective IQ®. This will be added to and enhanced with FAQ’s and instructional videos over time.

Multi-lingual documentation

The Product Documentation site is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. The site should auto-select the language, based on your browser settings. If however, you want to manually change to a different language you can do this by using the drop-down language switcher in the menu. Almaden Product Documentation Site -


Articles and documentation are fully searchable.

Searches are completed in the language you are currently using, so if you are looking at the documentation in English you need to use English search terms. If you are viewing the documentation in Portuguese then you need to carry out your search in Portuguese.


There are multiple navigation options available to you, in addition to Search.

  • By Topic: You can navigate the documentation site using the, collapsable, topic and sub-topic navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply click on the topic to select it and jump to the document.
  • Sub-Topic: If there is a downward-facing arrow to the right of a topic you can click on the arrow to expand to the sub-topics. Again you can click on the sub-topic to quickly select that item for reading.
  • Breadcrumbs: Just below the Search Bar breadcrumbs are displayed to show you where you are in the overall document hierarchy. You can use the breadcrumbs to navigate back along your trail, by clicking on the item.


Article Navigation

The right-hand side of the article provides controls to:

  1. Share the document by email or on Social Media. Click on the link and a pop-up will appear allowing you to:
    1. Email the link to someone
    2. Share on Facebook
    3. Share on LinkedIn
    4. Share the document as a Tweet (X)
    5. Or you can simply copy the link to your clipboard
  2. Change the font size if you want to see more on the screen, or make it easier to read. The middle font button resets the size back to default.
  3. Print the document, this is useful if you want to save the product document as a PDF.
  4. The next option lets you change between light mode and dark mode.
  5. The Table of Contents lets you jump to a specific section of the document, by clicking on the section heading.
  6. As you scroll down a blue square with an up-arrow will appear, letting you quickly jump to the start of the document.

Document Feedback

At the end of each article there 2 buttons so you can provide document feedback and an option for more assistance.Document feedback



Please use the feedback buttons as it helps us to improve the documentation. If a document doesn’t answer your problem and you still need assistance click on the ‘How can we help?‘ link. This will pop open a feedback form where you can provide additional clarification.


Product Support

The documentation site augments Technical Support, by providing access to information to customers and Partners. Sometimes all you want is some information or the answer to a simple question, the documentation site is for exactly those situations.

You can directly access the support portal at

If you haven’t used the Support Portal before we even have an article published in the Product Documentation site on how to log or update a case in the support portal. 

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