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SmartCenter Delivers Digital Experience Insight

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SmartCenter™ Delivers Digital Experience Insight

Almaden, Inc’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) product, SmartCenter™, now takes advantage of tight integration with Almaden’s Collective IQ® (CIQ®) solution, focused on Digital Experience Management.

A hallmark of SmartCenter is its ability to collect, clearly present, and comprehensively manage device and software details pertaining to a company’s IT assets. It helps IT to track assets and their effective usage, plan budgets, troubleshoot employee issues, and more. The intent is to create a smoothly functioning, cost-effective digital environment. Furthermore, SmartCenter is invaluable for compliance, legal discovery, and tax preparation purposesfrequently executed activities. 

Yet another critical IT activity concerns employee productivity. CIQ addresses that need quite capably but until now requires the use of another tool to simply understand the overall experience of company employees. To speed up this understanding, Almaden integrated its Experience Dashboard into SmartCenter 

Upon entering SmartCenter, it’s easy to know at a glance the experience employees are having with the company’s digital environment, and hence the impact that environment is likely having on their productivity. What’s unique is that this insight is from the employee’s perspective, based on objective and subjective data. 

If you are a SmartCenter user you also have access to Collective IQ, Essential Edition, at no additional charge. Your overall company DEX score is now displayed front and center on the SmartCenter home page. Now you can see at a glance the impact of your ITAM processes on your Digital Employee Experience.

SmartCenter Delivers Digital Experience Insight

When an IT professional wants more detail, they click on the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) widget in the dashboard and are immediately taken to their account in Collective IQ®. From there, they can get extensive detail, with drill-downs, into metrics that affect device performance, utilization, and more. 

In addition, IT Staff can take advantage of Almaden’s unique Alma Analysis capability that leverages the latest Generative Artificial Intelligence technology to spot problem patterns that may be missed or misinterpreted by humans. This saves time and effort for precious IT resources while focusing critically on the need to ensure employees can be digitally productive. Besides pattern recognition, recommendations can be made based on analyses and a body of remediations, with previous responses ranked and improved over time. 

SmartCenter provides extensive value when it comes to the management of IT assets. Building upon the strength of Collective IQ’s digital experience management further increases the value proposition.  

See how your IT organization can run more efficiently and cost-effectively with Almaden SmartCenter™ and Collective IQ®.

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