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Menlo Park, California - January 22, 2024

Almaden, Inc., a management technology innovator, proudly introduces a transformative upgrade to its flagship product, Collective IQ®. Harnessing the power of Generative AI, these enhancements are designed to significantly elevate Helpdesk effectiveness and efficiency to enable maximum employee productivity and satisfaction using their digital devices and services.

Branded as AlmaAI® services, these new capabilities make it possible for IT to anticipate, investigate, troubleshoot, and prioritize issues with recommendations across groups of users, in addition to focusing on individuals. Each service takes advantage of zero code, simple, point-and-click capabilities to speed results. With users frequently complaining that IT doesn’t see issues until users report them, Collective IQ spots trends and patterns that facilitate IT’s ability to get ahead of the curve.

Complementing AlmaAnalysis™, Almaden’s first inclusion of Generative AI technology in Collective IQ to investigate frustrating issues which may have been reported or unreported by users, here are the new capabilities:

AskAlma™: Enables Helpdesk and similar roles to proactively investigate ureported issues and efficiently manage critical assets. These may be things that impede user productivity, yet don’t necessarily stop employees from delivering results. AskAlma could also be used by IT as part of the budgeting process and to better manage the use of precious assets. The AI-driven interface lets users pose complex questions in simple, point-and-click fashion, with clearly presented recommendations returned.

AlmaPredict™:  Empowers Helpdesk to proactively anticipate and resolve potential issues before they impact user productivity and compromise business results. Think of this like a crystal ball enabling a look ahead in time based on existing device and software attributes and metrics. It’s the opportunity to get ahead of issues and maintain productivity with timely recommendations leveraging a point-and-click, AI-based interface.

Issues To Focus On Today: Optimizes Helpdesk efficiency by leveraging AI to prioritize critical tasks based on the patterns and trends of user experiences recorded and analyzed by CIQ. This saves time spent on issue identification and resolution, fostering a more responsive and agile support system.

Elevating the Digital Employee Experience for IT Staff

These enhancements, available today in Collective IQ® Business Edition, contribute to making the Helpdesk and similar IT groups significantly more effective in providing a smoothly operating digital environment that emphasizes employee productivity.

“Almaden was the first to bring the benefits of Generative AI technology to the management of employee digital experiences and we are thrilled to unveil these powerful new capabilities in Collective IQ. Almaden remains committed to making IT effective at delivering the best possible employee experiences,” said Yip Ly, CEO at Almaden.

“These Generative AI-based enhancements are a game-changer that will definitely help our IT organization to optimize the digital workplace for employees,” said Renan Torres, Executive VP of Arklok.

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About Almaden

Almaden is a Digital Experience Management company, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices in Brazil and the UK. Almaden leverages AI and deep systems knowledge, correlated with user insights, to ensure maximum employee productivity and job satisfaction. Through its cutting-edge solutions, Almaden continues to push the boundaries of technology, empowering organizations and individuals worldwide.

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