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Collective IQ integrates with Microsoft Teams

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Collective IQ® Integrates with Microsoft Teams®

Almaden Inc. is proud to announce the latest update to Collective IQ®, bringing integration with Microsoft Teams® to help enterprises optimize their workplace.

Collective IQ®, Almaden’s patent-pending digital employee experience solution, utilizes artificial intelligence technology to provide a solution for understanding and improving the journey of office and remote user interactions with their devices and applications.  Collective IQ integrates with Microsoft Teams

One of the standout features of the update is how Collective IQ® integrates with Microsoft Teams, enabling IT teams to quickly identify performance and productivity issues with this widely used collaboration tool. Collective IQ® collects data from users’ audio, video, screen sharing, call quality, and experience to derive Teams user experience scores and pinpoint unreported issues.

Suppose a Microsoft Teams® user is experiencing frequent problems with audio or video during meetings or calls, or glitches while using the platform. This can disrupt workflows and hinder the efficient completion of tasks. CIQ® is the key to quickly spotting and resolving issues to maintain productivity and continue working effectively.

The importance of communication and collaboration platforms to keep operations connected and productive is clear.  Microsoft Teams® is now a corporate mainstay with over 270 million users daily. By monitoring and correlating technical data with user sentiment, CIQ® integration with Microsoft Teams® will enable IT Staff to quickly spot and resolve bad experiences across the company.”
Leandro Silva, Almaden Inc. COO

Alma: Virtual Concierge

Another significant addition is Alma, Almaden’s virtual concierge. Users can now send a message to Alma through Microsoft Teams® chat to report issues or request help. Proactively, Alma can detect problems and suggest through the chat what the user could do to resolve issues. For example, Alma identifies that a user is having a bad experience with an app, then suggests possible actions (such as closing browser tabs to save memory). This saves the Helpdesk time and money while boosting user confidence in IT.

“As a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) provider, we know that a positive user experience is a powerful sales tool. With Collective IQ®, we are investing in the digital experience of our customers, increasing their adoption, driving satisfaction, and ultimately boosting loyalty”
Renan Torres, VP, Arklok 

Almaden is dedicated to providing businesses with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and our digital employee experience solution is a crucial part of that mission. We look forward to continuing to innovate and improve Collective IQ® to meet the needs of enterprises across various industries. 

About Almaden Inc.

Almaden, Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA. We help IT teams deliver an optimal digital employee experience, in the office and remotely, by continuously analyzing quantitative systems data and user sentiments and resolving issues through continuous learning and automation.  

Full Press Release

You can find the full Press Release on PR Newswire.

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