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Empower Your IT Management with the Right Information at Their Fingertips

Imagine you’re a pilot flying a plane, but you don’t have access to crucial data such as weather reports, air traffic control communications, and fuel levels. Without this information, you would be flying blind and could potentially put yourself and your passengers in danger.

Similarly, IT teams need to have access to the right information to ensure smooth operations, prevent security breaches, and allocate resources effectively. For example, without access to network traffic and system logs, IT teams may not be able to detect and respond to potential cyber threats, leading to data loss, financial damage, and reputational harm.

Furthermore, think of a chef who doesn’t have access to the right ingredients or tools. Without them, the chef may not be able to cook a meal to the best of their abilities. Similarly, IT teams need to have the right information to ensure that they can make informed decisions and take actions that can prevent or quickly resolve issues that can impact the organization’s productivity and performance.

Without the right information, IT teams may not be able to allocate resources effectively, resulting in inefficient use of hardware and software, poor system performance, and unhappy users. Additionally, without access to accurate data on system performance and usage, IT teams may not be able to ensure that systems and applications are compliant with regulatory requirements, leading to fines, legal issues, and reputational damage.

Get to know CIQ® SmartCenter™:

Almaden CIQ® SmartCenter™ offers a cloud-based IT asset management solution that provides visibility and control over assets, optimization of investments, operational efficiency, and compliance. The solution is simple to install and operate, providing immediate business benefits. Let’s explore how Almaden’s solutions can empower IT management with the right information:

  • Improving Help Desk Experience – The help desk is a critical component of IT management, but the volume and complexity of incidents can lead to longer resolution times and higher costs. The solution analyzes common resolutions with automation capabilities, improving help desk efficiency and the end-user experience with just one click.


  • Solution Based on Experience – CIQ® SmartCenter™ captures and analyzes all end-user interactions with their devices and technologies, providing visibility and predictive actions for improvement.


  • Inventory – CIQ® SmartCenter™ provides live, near real-time inventory, critical to maintaining compliance, information security, and direct support for strategic decision-making and technology investments.


  • Asset Discovery – Devices are added or removed daily from networks, and these need to be tracked as they can compromise the security of the computing environment. Exposing business information or generating infrastructure and system unavailability.CIQ® SmartCenter™ continuously works to scan and discover assets present in the network, providing visibility, security, automation, and operational optimization for IT.


  • Software Asset Management – Inefficient management and immaturity in dealing with software management generate unnecessary costs and expenses, wasting money and resources. Additionally, the organization is put at risk of sanctions or fines from audits. CIQ® SmartCenter™ provides up-to-date visibility of software versions, license agreements, purchase invoices, warranty periods, and license subscriptions throughout the organization. The information generated by measuring software usage allows for contract optimization by allocating and moving resources internally.


  • Geolocation – Companies hold information about the existence of computers, but often cannot identify the location of these assets. CIQ® SmartCenter™ allows you to map unauthorized movements, providing historical and real-time location information for your IT assets.


  • Software Approval – CIQ® SmartCenter™ facilitates the identification of devices that have software or plugins that are not allowed by the company’s policy or that have high licensing costs, which may be malicious, or are no longer supported. Additionally, the solution can automatically uninstall such cybersecurity policies and minimize the risk of data breaches.


With the help of Almaden, IT teams can have the right information to make informed decisions, optimize investments, and increase the overall value of IT operations. By leveraging the power of AI and cloud-based technologies, companies can take advantage of the latest innovations in IT management to stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth.

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