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Does Almaden have a Status Page?

Yes, we do. You can see the status page at

What does the Almaden Status Page Show?Almaden Status page

The Almaden Status Page shows the status of the different services that we operate, including:

As new services are brought online they will be added to the status page.

In addition to Service availability and issue notification, you will also see notifications of application maintenance windows. These are scheduled maintenance times during which you may notice a service interruption. You will also be notified when services come back online or return from maintenance.

Subscribe to Status Updates

At the base of the page, you can sign up for Almaden Status updates.

Simply add your email address and you will be added to the Status Page update list. This will keep you informed should an incident occur and will also notify you of any scheduled maintenance.

Note: This is separate from our marketing systems and you will not receive any emails except the Almaden Status updates.

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