Almaden trademarks

Almaden holds registered trademarks and has trademark applications lodged in a number of countries. In all locations worldwide where we do not hold a trademark registration, the marks are considered, by Almaden, to be trademarked.

A registered trademark has the ® symbol after the word or phrase to indicate that the mark has been legally registered. If the mark has ™ after it then it only means that you consider it to be a trademark.

What are the Almaden trademarks?

Almaden holds UK registered trademarks for the following words, or phrases:-

  • Collective IQ®  – Our DEX solution
  • CIQ®  – Our DEX solution
  • SmartCenter®  –  Our ITAM solution
  • Alma®  –  The name of our AI concierge used as part of Collective IQ®

In all other jurisdictions worldwide Almaden treats these marks as trademarks ™. So, at the moment, outside the UK these phrases are:

  • Collective IQ™
  • CIQ™
  • SmartCenter™
  • Alma™

What is the difference between the different spellings of trademark?